Over Yonder is a Sydney-based gravel cycling & cyclocross team. Exploring wherever, and documenting it all online at the website journal & via social media.
Each adventure that I’ve dreamt up has always been based around the potential of great scenery, an interesting route, and hopefully I get a ton of photos along the way.

For each adventure I attempted to create a one-off identity, with a vintage feel. Drawing inspiration from the area we’d explored.

Some adventures have been more spectacular than others, and these have been taken further than simply publishing online.

The Over Yonder website is the home of all the adventures that we have embarked upon. The site houses the complete info, and inspo, needed for others to follow our routes and enjoy the same ride.

The cyclocross team competed in 3 successive years of the Australian National Cyclocross Series, and with each new year I designed a new kit. I aimed to bring a bit of flare to the often muted palette of the cycling world.

Note yet a thing, but hopefully one day they will be – custom Giant Revolts in an Over Yonder themed skin.